Hard Disk Drive
Mobile Gasket
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Hard Disk Drive Components Manufactured by MPCT

The component to rest the read-write head when hard disk drive  stops working. It also provides smooth move-ment of read-write head once the hard disk drive start working again.


The basic component to cover   hard  disk  drive and protect inside com-ponents  from   external interference    such   as dusts,  moisture,  etc.

The crash protection component for read-write head. It works while the head is moving toward the confinement.


The locking component of read-write head set.  It works after the head parks with Ramp when hard disk drive is going to stop working.


Waterproof Mobile Device Components Manufactured by MPCT

“Mobile Gasket” high precision seal for mobile devices These small components make new generation mobile devices such as cell phones, camcorders become WATERPROOF

Rear Cover