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1.  Globalize business with high quality products and services
2.  Make customer delight with continuous improvement
3.  To be a learning organization in response to the world of changing  
4.  Improve quality of employees with effective human resources management and technology deployment


1. To be a good customer partnership
2. Create and control quality of products and services with continuous improvement to serve customer delight.
3. Do business with good governance, ethics and social responsibility



            Mektec Precision Component (Thailand) Ltd. or MPCT is a Thailand based manufacturer of high volume precision hard disk drive parts and precision electronic devices.

            MPCT is a part of NOK  Corporation, the  parent company in Japan, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of precision parts used in electronic and automotive industry.

            MPCT was established on March 27, 2001 with the capital of 360 millions Baht. Its plant is located at Bangpa-in Industrial Estate in Ayutthaya Province on area of 46,400 sq.m.
under BOI (Board of Investment) privilege.  MPCT started operation in April 2002 with
its know-how technology from Japan. As certified  by ISO9001, ISO14001 ,ISO45001 and IATF16949 international standard, there is no question about the quality of our products and services which definitely make trust and satisfaction of customers since the beginning until now.

            What is more, MPCT builds its strength with systematic and effective management of Human Resources and Information Technology to enable employees to perform their works at full potential as well as to utilize company’s  resources and information at maximum effectiveness.

            Today, MPCT is moving forward to the future with its unique technology and continuous development in focus on quality of products and services to meet customer’s delight.

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March 27th, 2001
April 1st, 2002
360 Millions Baht
100% by NOK Corporation
Total Land Area           : 46,400  m2 (29.0 Rai)
MPCT1 Production Area : 5,000 m2
MPCT2 Production Area : 4,700 m2
MPCT3 Production Area : 5,000 m2
Class 100K up to 100   
625 Persons (as of Dec 20th 2021)
• Hard disk drive components
  (Ramp, Crash Stop, Latch, Spoiler)
• Electronic parts
November 21st, 2001


            MPCT has created all of its products with the closest attention. “Quality” is always in everyone’s mind at MPCT. With the commitment to providing the innovative products to perfectly meet customer needs, MPCT has always been recognized and trusted by its customers. Many awards and honors that the Company has received are a guarantee to our operational excellence.