Mektec Manufacturing Corporation (Thailand) Ltd.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Mektec Manufacturing Corporation (Thailand) Ltd.


The most important resource in our comppny is our employees. So, we offers several programs and activities for our employees which will lead to higher quality of work life especially in the area that concerns health and safety. Thus we applied for OHSAS18001 and was certified on February 13, 2003.  

MMCT also offers several welfare and benefits such as:

Personal Finance, Health and Safety
Shift payment and bonus
OPD payment
Health insurance
Accidental insurance at 24 times current salary
Canteen subsidy
Annual leaves (6-15 days per year), sick leaves, and other special leaves
Workmen compensation
24-Hour clinic
Annual health check
Perfect Attendance Award
Fitness and Karaoke
Birthday present and party
Award for 5 and 10 year anniversary
Smart Wallet program
Provide flu vaccination


Health & Safety

MMCT COVID-19 Vaccination Day - Aug 22 and 27, 2021


Mektec Thailand is concerned about its employees health and provided Sinopharm vaccination from the Chulabhorn Royal Academy on 24 July and 7 August 2021, as well as support the government’s efforts to achieve herd immunity in Thailand. 


Mr.Somchai Asawarungsaengkul Managing Director with Top Management of Mektec Manufacturing Corporation (Thailand) Ltd. To provide Alcohol spray and Mask to all employee on 5 May 2021


Happy Workplace Day on August 10, 2018


New Year Party on December 15, 2018


Sports Day on June 11, 2018

Recreational clubs such as Runner Club, Football Club, Badminton Club, Music Club, Bowling Club, etc.

On-The-Job Training
Job-Related Outside Training (Local and Oversea)
Development Training such as Sensitivity, Group Work and Rope Course
Educational welfare received for their Master Degree or fluency in English or Japanese for example